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Carcassonne - Count, King And Robber (Expansion #6)

Enhance the world of Carcassonne with new characters in Count, King & Robber, the sixth expansion in the legendary series. Will you take command of the largest city and rule with the King, or will you follow the longest road, taking control with the Robber? Choose to start the game with the eponymous city itself or a new, winding river. Along with the large Carcassonne city tiles, this box includes twenty-two additional tiles to give players exciting new landscapes to build and more strategic moves to make. Claim the city, build shrines and journey across the longest road to claim your victory! This expansion contains the following modules:
  • The Count of Carcassonne oversees the city of Carcassonne. When the Count isnt monitoring a district you have invested in, you can take over features someone else controls.
  • The Cultists challenge monks in neighbouring abbeys. Complete your shrine before a nearby abbey to deny points to other players
  • The King and the Robber give you points when you complete the largest city and the longest road.
  • The River II is a new and exciting way to start the game. With its own unique shape, it can also be combined with the River from the base game.

SKU: ZM7816