Early Learning Centre

ELC - Magnetic Play Centre - Red

Over 100 accessories included. Discover letters, numbers, drawing and more with this multifunctional portable play centre. Helps with number and letter recognition. Carry handle ideal for fun on the go. Write and draw on the detachable background. develop language and communication skills. make simple sums using the numbers and symbols. paper chalk and eraser included. Inclides: 40 magnetic upper case letters, 40 magnetic lowercase letters, 10 magnetic numbers, 7 symbols, 3 chalks, 1 eraser, 20 sheets of paper, 1 detachable blackboard, 1 carry case. Magnetic maths and sticky spellings: lets use the magnetic letters and numbers to count, spell and make fun sentances. We can use numbers and symbols to make easy sums and make lots of words with the letters. Use the chalk to draw on teh board. Wipe off when you finish and start again. You can also place the paper included onto the blackboard to make a portable draeing board perfect for on the go

SKU: ELC141285