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Funny Animal Portraits Puzzle 3X49pc (Ravensburger Puzzle)

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This holiday-themed jigsaw puzzle is a must-have for small children. The puzzle has been designed with some unique features which make it easy, lovable and fun. The puzzle contains three separate pictures. Each picture features one adorable farm animal, i.e. a cat, a dog and a pig-children will fall in love with the heartwarming display of the three pictures. There are fewer puzzle pieces in this set as compared to other puzzles sets. Also, the puzzle pieces are large, sturdy and easy-to-hold. Children will soon be able to create each picture on their own. This puzzle is an ideal means of exercising curiosity and imagination of the little ones. The puzzle is manufactured from a blend of high-quality paper and cardboard. It presents a long-lasting, smooth and glare-free finish. Once completed, the pictures measures 18 cm x 19 cm. The puzzle is appropriate for children aged 5 and above. It presents choking hazards for infants and toddlers.

SKU: RB08028-1