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Safari Animals Puzzle 60pc (Ravensburger Puzzle)

Assemble this puzzle set to reveal a colourful illustration of safari animals. In the image, the animals are enjoying a beautiful day by the watering hole. A cheetah is resting on the trunk of a tree and enjoying the cool shade, an elephant and an ape are below the tree. On the other side, a lion is sitting on the grass. Behind it is a rhinoceros about to go in the water. You will also see a giraffe standing at the back that seems to be looking for another tree branch to snack on. At the far end of the illustration are flamingos and zebras enjoying the cool water. Meanwhile, antelopes are running at the back, and a pair of birds can be seen flying. The package contains 60 puzzle pieces that make up the safari illustration. Each piece is made from thick cardboard to ensure durability. The puzzle is guaranteed vivid and glare-free because a special linen paper was used to print the image. When completed, the image measures 36 x 26 centimetres. The set is recommended for kids aged 4+.

SKU: RB09600-8