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The Investigators Of Arkham Horror

Discover the hidden secrets of the investigators who risk everything to save humanity from certain doom! Throughout its lavishly illustrated 264 full-color pages, The Investigators of Arkham Horror follows the lives and struggles of fifty-two different characters from the beloved board game Arkham Horror. These men and women explore those parts of our reality that lie outside of what our senses and science can perceive, often confronting beings of such unfathomable power that simply beholding them can shatter the mind. These investigators and their tales gain new focus through fifty-two rich and action-packed short stories.

Key Selling Points
• Gain new insight into the lives of Arkham’s beloved investigators
• Fifty-two action-packed stories immerse you in mystery and
• Features illustrations by more than forty talented artists
• Neatly indexed to help you explore the common threads between
 different tales
• An engaging reference for fans of Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror,
 Mansions of Madness, and related games