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Trondheim Collage Puzzle 1000pc (Ravensburger Puzzle)

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Ravensburger Puzzle 1000 Piece Trondheim Collage is a beautiful puzzle board belonging to the adult-line 1000 piece puzzle collection by the leading puzzle-maker Ravensburger, a German company. This specific puzzle board features a collage of the famous places of Trondheim, Norway. The 1000 puzzle pieces connect to bring out a collage of alluring images such as the 11th Century Gothic Nidaros Cathedral, the colourful riverside houses, the archeries, and traditional light-posts harbour. The scenic beauty and the detailing offer moderate challenges to puzzler, making the game more fun. The board dimension is around 70 x 50 cm. The precisely cut puzzle dies are of an exclusive and unique shape, making it simple for the puzzler to get the right piece at the right place. The premium matt finished linen coating on the board surface saves the puzzler from eye fatigue. All these features are induced into all the Ravensburger jigsaws to offer you a comfortable and exciting puzzling experience. This puzzle is recommended for above the age of 12 years.

SKU: RB19845-0