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Necrons - Skorpekh Destroyers (Warhammer 40000)

  • Includes two units – both Elites choices available to the Necrons
  • Push-fit – no need for glue!
  • A swift and deadly melee option for the Necrons

Skorpekh Destroyers are among the most lethal close-combat killers within the ranks of the Necron legions. If tearing the enemy army asunder is what you seek, then look no further than these gloriously insane slaughterers, whose killing prowess you can amplify even further with the attention of the Plasmacyte!

This kit builds three Skorpekh Destroyers – two armed with hyperphase threshers and one with a hyperphase reap-blade – as well as a Plasmacyte. Push-fit construction means you won't need any glue to build it. The kit is supplied in 29 plastic components and comes with three Citadel 50mm Hex Hole Round Bases and one Citadel 28.5mm Hex Hole Round Base.

SKU: GW-49-31